Aesthetic care

Aesthetic dentistry means straightening and whitening the teeth and correcting asymmetry, wear and discoloration with, for example, ceramic laminates and partial crowns. Aesthetic treatment can, for example, restore the original natural color of the teeth

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Color of your teeth

Teeth can darken over time and as plaque and shade build up on the surface. Regular tooth brushing and cleaning with toothbrushes and floss helps to remove these deposits and maintain the white color of the teeth. A healthy mouth helps to maintain the white color of the teeth. In addition to brushing and cleaning your teeth, it is important to take care of your oral health with treatments performed by a dentist.

With the help of aesthetic treatment, it is possible to restore the natural and beautiful color of your own teeth. The color changes on the surface of the teeth are removed with the help of whitening with professional methods and tools (read more on oral hygienist services).

Aesthetic care

Aesthetic treatments can also be used to correct tissue deficiencies as well as tooth discoloration and asymmetry using, for example, porcelain laminates or partial crowns. It is also possible to correct incorrect positions of the teeth with orthodontic treatment (read more on orthodontic services).

Ceramic laminates

The appearance of worn, shortened or otherwise damaged teeth can be improved with the help of dental laminates. Ceramic laminate enables a natural end result, adheres well to the surface of the tooth and is a durable material. Ceramic laminates can be used for all ages and all teeth. Ceramic laminates last for years or even a lifetime when cared for correctly.

After laminates are placed, a person should take care of their laminates with regular cleaning and dental check-ups to ensure their durability. 

Partial Crowns

A dental partial crown refers to a dental prosthesis that partially covers the surface of the tooth. A partial crown can be made of ceramic material or metal, for example, and it is partially attached to the surface of the tooth. A partial crown can be placed if the tooth has a damaged or missing surface, but the root of the tooth is still healthy. Partial dental crowns are usually less visible than full crowns and they are often lighter and easier to maintain. Partial crowns can also be used as a base for supporting teeth or dentures.

Aesthetic care