Orthodontic treatment

It is possible to carry out orthodontic treatment with several different methods, for example as inconspicuous orthodontic treatment. Adult teeth can also be straightened. Hampaasi's specialist dentists consult you on orthodontics.

Orthodontic treatment corrects tooth positions and incorrect bite.

The starting time for orthodontic treatment is always individual. Orthodontic treatment is usually started at the age of 9-12, but sometimes orthodontic treatment is needed earlier when the first permanent teeth erupt. Orthodontic treatment that requires growth control is started before the growth spurt.

Teeth straightening is usually very successful even as an adult. There is no upper age limit for starting orthodontic treatment.

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Malocclusion and incorrect positions of the teeth can expose the teeth to wear, make cleaning difficult, cause pain in the jaw area and disturb aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatment is planned and carried out by a specialist dentist. Orthodontic treatment is always based on an individual treatment plan, which is made based on a dental examination, dental molds and X-rays.

Orthodontic treatment can be done using several methods, depending on the bite defect being treated and the patient's wishes.

The duration and costs of orthodontic treatment are individual. Orthodontic treatment usually takes 1-2 years, but small corrections to the positions of the teeth can be done even faster.

After the active teeth treatment phase, maintenance treatment is always needed to prevent the teeth from returning to their original position.

The need for orthodontic treatment and its various possibilities can be mapped out during a consultation visit. Book an appointment for an orthodontic treatment consultation by choosing Orthodontic Special Dentist as a specialty in our online appointment booking.

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