Dental services

Hampaasi dentists' customer-oriented dental care services include dental examination and basic dental care, tooth filling and root canal treatment, as well as demanding dental care procedures. Comprehensive dental services are available at all three of our dental offices; in Helsinki, Espoo and Vantaa.


Prevention of dental problems is based on good home care of the teeth and regular check-ups. Regular dental checkups lay the foundation for oral and dental health. You should go for checkups once a year, even if there are no symptoms. There may be hidden problems in the mouth that do not cause pain or sensations.

In the inspection, in addition to the teeth, the mucous membranes of the mouth and the general functionality and wear of the dentition are examined. Also esteettiset näkökulmat huomioidaan.

It is good to take X-rays at intervals specified by the dentist. In problematic situations, it is also possible to perform a three-dimensional KKTT cone beam computed tomography examination, which is more accurate than a two-dimensional X-ray.

A dentist specializing in X-ray diagnostics evaluates all panoramic and cone beam tomography images taken at our office. This is how we ensure that even the smallest incipient problem is found.

Once the situation of the mouth has been mapped, a treatment plan and cost estimate will be made, if necessary. You can get to dental care quickly, whether it's a smaller procedure or a full mouth renovation. We also make sure that you receive an invitation to the next inspection at the right time if you wish.

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Tooth filling becomes relevant if the decay has progressed deeper than the enamel of the tooth into the dentin, i.e. the tooth bone. By patching, worn or chipped teeth are also often repaired.

The tools and materials for dental restorations have developed enormously from what they were just some time ago. Also check out our special dental care services.

There are several fillers, the most common of which is composite plastic. Composite plastic often contains ingredients that increase the durability and transparency of the place. The composition of plastics varies depending on the purpose of use and the manufacturer. When the place is finished, it is shaped to fit the bite.

If a lot of teeth are missing, the dentist can replace even larger tissue gaps with ceramic fillings. The ceramic filling is made at the reception with a computer-controlled milling machine based on CAD-CAM technology, which turns the porcelain blank into a piece of exactly the required size and shape. You can get a place in the tooth already on the same day. An alternative is also a ceramic place or a partial crown made in a dental laboratory.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is performed when the nerve running in the root canal of the tooth is badly damaged. For example, a deep hole in a tooth can cause nerve damage. Reasons for root canal treatment can also be a cracked tooth, an accident that damaged the tooth, or a biting cause.

Root canal treatment is done not only to remove the pain, but also to get the inflammation in the tooth under control.

Root canal cleaning is time-consuming due to the complex anatomy of the canals. Therefore, root canal treatment usually requires several treatments. Antibiotics are used in conjunction with root canal treatment if the infection results in general symptoms such as swelling and fever.

It is a good idea to take an X-ray of a newly treated tooth one year after the treatment. This ensures healing of the root and the tissues surrounding the root.

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