Teeth whitening performed by an experienced professional at a dental clinic is the safest and most effective way to achieve a successful end result.


Teeth whitening can be done either on-site at the dental hygienist's office or alternatively at home, with the help of the dental hygienist's advice and safe substances. Bleaching is always done on a clean and healthy mouth, in order to ensure the safety of the bleaching and achieve the most even final result. Before whitening, the mouth is inspected, and the dental hygienist cleans the teeth of tartar and superficial staining.

In the whitening performed at the reception, the surfaces of the teeth are treated with whitening gel to achieve a natural result. The end result of whitening is always individual.

You can also do whitening safely and easily at home according to the advice of a professional. For home whitening, individual home whitening spoons, i.e. home whitening molds, will be made for your teeth, and you will receive a whitening agent with you.


Whitening is not always necessary, but the teeth can be naturally light and bright with the help of soda/powder cleaning. Soda cleaning effectively removes darkening and yellowing left on the teeth by staining foods and drinks. If the tooth bone is naturally light and the staining of the teeth is only superficial, soda cleaning is the best option. Check out the others too from hygienists services.